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Prostate cancer screening with Stockholm3 reduces unnecessary biopsies and is cost-effective

An independent and peer reviewed study showes health economic benefits using Stockholm3 versus PSA in a screening by invitation setting for prostate cancer. The results from the study demonstrated that Stockholm3 reduced unnecessary biopsies and was cost-effective compared to screening … Läs mer

Strong evidence for Stockholm3 in major Norwegian real-life study

A real-life study including 4,784 men has been carried out by Stavanger University Hospital showing that the company’s blood-based Stockholm3 test leads to a 28% reduction in prostate cancer work-up, an increase in identification of clinically significant cancers by 55% … Läs mer

Introduction of Stockholm3 in the Nordic countries accelerate

NordForsk, a pan-Nordic financier, has provided € 2.3 million to accelerate the introduction of Stockholm3 in the Nordic countries. The project is a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and care providers and research institutions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and … Läs mer

Stockholm3 leads to breaktrough in prostate cancer diagnostics

The Prostate Cancer Center at Capio St. Görans hostpital in Stockholm has introduced prostate cancer diagnostics with the Stockholm3 test and targeted tissue sampling. The clinical results are seen as a breakthrough in the diagnosis of prostate cancer because more … Läs mer

Stockholm3 awarded the EIT Innovators Award 2017

Stockholm3 has won the EIT Innovators Award 2017 which is given to products with exceptional value for individuals and society in Europe. The jury means that the benefit of Stockholm3 for Europe is very big and that the test should … Läs mer

The STHLM3 study published in The Lancet Oncology

Today, the results of the STHLM3 study were published in the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet Oncology. The study shows that the STHLM3 test is better at finding dangerous prostate cancers compared to today’s diagnosis with PSA. In practical terms, … Läs mer